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Staying Quit After Release (SQuARe) trial protocol: a randomised controlled trial of a multicomponent intervention to maintain smoking abstinence after release from smoke- free prisons in Victoria, Australia

Jesse T Young, Cheneal Puljevic, Alexander D Love, Emilia K Janca, Catherine J Segan, Donita Baird, Rachel Whiffen, Stan Pappos, Emma Bell, Stuart A Kinner



INTRODUCTION: Smoke-free policies have been introduced in prisons internationally. However, high rates of relapse to smoking after release from prison indicate that these policies typically result in short-term smoking cessation only. These high rates of relapse, combined with a lack of investment in relapse prevention, highlight a missed opportunity to improve the health of a population who smoke tobacco at two to six times the rate of the general population. This paper describes the rationale and design of a randomised controlled trial, testing the effectiveness of a caseworker-delivered intervention promoting smoking cessation among former smokers released from smoke-free prisons in Victo..

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