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Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Patients with Lacunar Infarcts and Concurrent Embolic Ischemic Lesions

Ewgenia Barow, Florent Boutitie, Bastian Cheng, Tae-Hee Cho, Martin Ebinger, Matthias Endres, Jochen B Fiebach, Jens Fiehler, Ian Ford, Ivana Galinovic, Alina Nickel, Josep Puig, Pascal Roy, Anke Wouters, Vincent Thijs, Robin Lemmens, Keith W Muir, Norbert Nighoghossian, Salvador Pedraza, Claus Z Simonsen Show all



PURPOSE: Lacunar infarcts are thought to result from occlusion of small penetrating arteries due to microatheroma and lipohyalinosis, pathognomonic for cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD). Concurrent embolic ischemic lesions indicate a different stroke mechanism. The purpose of this study was to examine the clinical characteristics and outcome of patients with lacunar infarcts and concurrent embolic infarcts on diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI). METHODS: All patients screened for the WAKE-UP trial ( number, NCT01525290) were reviewed for acute lacunar infarcts and concurrent embolic lesions on baseline DWI. Clinical characteristics and outcome were compared between lacunar ..

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