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Cargo Sorting at the trans-Golgi Network for Shunting into Specific Transport Routes: Role of Arf Small G Proteins and Adaptor Complexes

Jing Zhi Anson Tan, Paul Anthony Gleeson

CELLS | MDPI | Published : 2019


The trans-Golgi network (TGN) is responsible for selectively recruiting newly synthesized cargo into transport carriers for delivery to their appropriate destination. In addition, the TGN is responsible for receiving and recycling cargo from endosomes. The membrane organization of the TGN facilitates the sorting of cargoes into distinct populations of transport vesicles. There have been significant advances in defining the molecular mechanism involved in the recognition of membrane cargoes for recruitment into different populations of transport carriers. This machinery includes cargo adaptors of the adaptor protein (AP) complex family, and monomeric Golgi-localized γ ear-containing Arf-bindi..

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