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Differential Response to Injury in Fetal and Adolescent Sheep Hearts in the Immediate Post-myocardial Infarction Period

Mitchell C Lock, Jack RT Darby, Jia Yin Soo, Doug A Brooks, Sunthara Rajan Perumal, Joseph B Selvanayagam, Mike Seed, Christopher K Macgowan, Enzo R Porrellov, Ross L Tellam, Janna L Morrison



Aim: Characterizing the response to myocardial infarction (MI) in the regenerative sheep fetus heart compared to the post-natal non-regenerative adolescent heart may reveal key morphological and molecular differences that equate to the response to MI in humans. We hypothesized that the immediate response to injury in (a) infarct compared with sham, and (b) infarct, border, and remote tissue, in the fetal sheep heart would be fundamentally different to the adolescent, allowing for repair after damage. Methods: We used a sheep model of MI induced by ligating the left anterior descending coronary artery. Surgery was performed on fetuses (105 days) and adolescent sheep (6 months). Sheep were ran..

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Funding Acknowledgements

JM was funded by a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (APP1066916) and an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (Level 3; FT170100431). ML, JYS, and JD were funded by Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships. EP was funded by a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (APP1108127) and a Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship (100787). We acknowledge the technical support of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute node of the National Imaging Facility.