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Road to Nowhere? A Critical Consideration of the Use of the Metaphor 'Care Pathway' in Health Services Planning, Organisation and Delivery

K Checkland, J Hammond, P Allen, A Coleman, L Warwick-Giles, A Hall, N Mays, M Sutton

Journal of Social Policy | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2020


Metaphors are inescapable in human discourse. Policy researchers have suggested that the use of particular metaphors by those implementing policy changes both influences perceptions of underlying reality and determines what solutions seem possible, and that exploring 'practice languages' is important in understanding how policy is enacted. This paper contributes to the literature exploring the generative nature of metaphors in policy implementation, demonstrating their role in not just describing the world, but also framing it, determining what is seen/unseen, and what solutions seem possible. The metaphor 'care pathway' is ubiquitous and institutionalised in healthcare. We build upon existi..

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