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Impact of processing conditions on microstructure, texture and chemical properties of model cheese from sheep milk

A Aldalur, L Ong, MÁ Bustamante, SL Gras, LJR Barron

Food and Bioproducts Processing | Elsevier Inc. | Published : 2019


Cutting and cooking settings have a strong effect on curd particle features, whey syneresis and cheese properties. In the present study, the impact of curd grain size and cooking temperature on the microstructure, texture and composition of cheese, whey losses and cheese yield was studied with specific focus on sheep milk. Cooking temperature especially affected cheese microstructure, texture and composition, while cutting process was largely responsible for fat losses in the whey. Additionally, cheese yield increased with a bigger curd grain size and lower cooking temperatures. Higher cooking temperatures reduced the moisture content of the curd grains and cheese and lead to cheeses with re..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Meredith Dairy for supplying the milk usedin this study. Financial support was provided by The Universityof the Basque Country (PA16/04) and The Basque Govern-ment (IT944-16) A. Aldalur thanks The Basque Government forthe research fellowship. The research was supported by TheAustralian Research Council (ARC) Industrial TransformationResearch Program (ITRP) funding scheme (Project Number:IH120100005). The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub is a collabora-tion between The University of Melbourne, The University ofQueensland and Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd. We thank TheBiological Optical Microscopy Platform at The Bio21 MolecularScience & Biotechnology Institute for equipment access.