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The First Fagin

Helen Gaynor, Alan Rosenthal, Veronica Fury, Steven Thomas

Melbourne International Film Festival | Published : 2012


The First Fagin is a feature length dramatised documentary that explores the life of Ikey Solomon. THE FIRST FAGIN recreates Ikey's journey from London's dens of vice, Newgate jail, and the notorious prison "hulks" on the Thames to a daring escape to the new world of America. Ikey then tempted fate by sailing to Tasmania in search of his wife who had been transported as a convict. In Tasmania, Ikey began a long legal battle to defy the authorities of one of Australia's most severe convict settlements. As a rare examination of the criminal sub-culture from which Dickens drew inspiration, and of the convict system in early colonial Australia, THE FIRST FAGIN seamlessly blends reconstructed dra..

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