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Biomass burning fuel consumption rates: a field measurement database

TT van Leeuwen, GR van der Werf, AA Hoffmann, RG Detmers, G Ruecker, NHF French, S Archibald, JA Carvalho, GD Cook, WJ de Groot, C Hely, ES Kasischke, S Kloster, JL McCarty, ML Pettinari, P Savadogo, EC Alvarado, L Boschetti, S Manuri, CP Meyer Show all



Abstract. Landscape fires show large variability in the amount of biomass or fuel consumed per unit area burned. Fuel consumption (FC) depends on the biomass available to burn and the fraction of the biomass that is actually combusted, and can be combined with estimates of area burned to assess emissions. While burned area can be detected from space and estimates are becoming more reliable due to improved algorithms and sensors, FC is usually modeled or taken selectively from the literature. We compiled the peer-reviewed literature on FC for various biomes and fuel categories to understand FC and its variability better, and to provide a database that can be used to constrain biogeochemical m..

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Awarded by EU FP7 MACC-II project

Awarded by EU FP7 GeoCarbon project

Funding Acknowledgements

The workshop that led to this paper was sponsored by the EU FP7 COCOS project. Thijs van Leeuwen, Guido van der Werf, and Rob Detmers acknowledge funding from the EU FP7 MACC-II project (contract number 218793) and the EU FP7 GeoCarbon project (contract number 283080).