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Computational Saturation Mutagenesis to predict structural consequences of systematic mutations on protein stability and rifampin interactions in the β subunit of RNA polymerase in Mycobacterium leprae

Sundeep Chaitanya Vedithi, Carlos Rodrigues, Stephanie Portelli, Marcin Skwark, Madhusmita Das, David Ascher, Tom Blundell, Sony Malhotra

Published : 2019


ABSTRACT In contrast to the situation with tuberculosis, rifampin resistance in leprosy may remain undetected due to the lack of rapid and effective diagnostic methods. A quick and reliable method is essential to determine the impacts of emerging detrimental mutations. The functional consequences of missense mutations within the β-subunit of RNA polymerase in Mycobacterium leprae ( M. leprae ) contribute to phenotypic rifampin resistance outcomes in leprosy. Here we report in-silico saturation mutagenesis of all residues in the β-subunit of RNA polymerase to all other 19 amino acid types and predict their impacts on overall thermodynamic stability, on interactions at subunit interfaces, and ..

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