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Disrupted placental serotonin synthetic pathway and increased placental serotonin: Potential implications in the pathogenesis of human fetal growth restriction

Suveena Ranzil, Stacey Ellery, David W Walker, Cathy Vaillancourt, Nadia Alfaidy, Alexander Bonnin, Anthony Borg, Euan M Wallace, Peter R Ebeling, Jan Jaap Erwich, Padma Murthi

PLACENTA | W B SAUNDERS CO LTD | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVES: Placental insufficiency contributes to altered maternal-fetal amino acid transfer, and thereby to poor fetal growth. An important placental function is the uptake of tryptophan and its metabolism to serotonin (5-HT) and kynurenine metabolites, which are essential for fetal development. We hypothesised that placental 5-HT content will be increased in pregnancies affected with fetal growth restriction (FGR). METHODS: The components of the 5-HT synthetic pathway were determined in chorionic villus samples (CVS) from small-for gestation (SGA) and matched control collected at 10-12 weeks of human pregnancy; and in placentae from third trimester FGR and gestation-matched control pregna..

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