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Utilising high pressure processing for meat tenderisation

RD Warner, M Ha

Reference Module in Food Science | Elsevier Inc. | Published : 2019


Meat tenderness is a very important sensory trait for the consumer and high pressure processing (HPP) can be applied to packaged meat, to increase tenderisation. Across a number of studies, and using meta-analysis, it is evident that beef, which has the highest initial toughness, shows significant tenderisation with HPP. Also, moderate pressure of 100–150 MPa combined with temperatures of 38–80 °C produce significant tenderisation. Application of HPP at high (200–400 MPa) to very high (520–600 MPa) pressure has either no effect, or a toughening effect, respectively. Hence, HPP shows great potential for meat tenderization, potentially adding value to the meat and food industry, but only when ..

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