Journal article

Computational Neural Modeling of Auditory Cortical Receptive Fields

Jordan D Chambers, Diego Elgueda, Jonathan B Fritz, Shihab A Shamma, Anthony N Burkitt, David B Grayden

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience | Frontiers Media | Published : 2019


Previous studies have shown that the auditory cortex can enhance the perception of behaviorally important sounds in the presence of background noise, but the mechanisms by which it does this are not yet elucidated. Rapid plasticity of spectrotemporal receptive fields (STRFs) in the primary (A1) cortical neurons is observed during behavioral tasks that require discrimination of particular sounds. This rapid task-related change is believed to be one of the processing strategies utilized by the auditory cortex to selectively attend to one stream of sound in the presence of mixed sounds. However, the mechanism by which the brain evokes this rapid plasticity in the auditory cortex remains unclear..

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