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Air-Sea Momentum Fluxes during Tropical Cyclone Olwyn

Joey J Voermans, Henrique Rapizo, Hongyu Ma, Fangli Qiao, Alexander V Babanin



Observations of wind stress during extreme winds are required to improve predictability of tropical cyclone track and intensity. A common method to approximate the wind stress is by measuring the turbulent momentum flux directly. However, during high wind speeds, wave heights are typically of the same order of magnitude as instrument heights, and thus, turbulent momentum flux observations alone are insufficient to estimate wind stresses in tropical cyclones, as wave-induced stresses contribute to the wind stress at the height of measurements. In this study, wind stress observations during the near passage of Tropical Cyclone Olwyn are presented through measurements of the mean wind speed and..

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Awarded by DISI Australia-China Centre

Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the DISI Australia-China Centre through Grant ACSRF48199. AVB acknowledges ARC Discovery Grant DP170101328. Data were kindly provided by Woodside Ltd, and the authors can be approached regarding the data used in this study. We thank the work and technical support from John Masters and the RPS engineering team involved with measurements. This study had an important contribution from Prof. Mark Donelan, who passed away in the beginning of March 2018. Prof. Mark Donelan was originally coauthor of the paper and participated directly in the analysis and estimation of momentum fluxes and ogives as well as through invaluable discussions on the wave boundary layer. The authors would also like to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their comments and suggestions.