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Coal composition and structural variation with rank and its influence on the coal-moisture interactions under coal seam temperature conditions - A review article

MAA Ahamed, MSA Perera, SK Matthai, PG Ranjith, Dong-yi Li

Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering | Elsevier | Published : 2019


Although numerous studies were conducted on coal utilisation processes overall, due to the recent expansion of the coal industry, processes which involve within the reservoir bares a significant importance for the effective usage of coal. The key to the effective usage of such processes relies on the understanding of the chemical properties of coal and its changes due to the water interaction as most coal seams are naturally saturated. In this context, this paper provides a fundamental understanding of the coal composition and its structure, water adsorption capacity of coal and the impact on the mechanical characteristics due to the chemical property changes under coal seam temperature cond..

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