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Pericytes in Metastasis

Zalitha Pieterse, Devbarna Sinha, Pritinder Kaur

PERICYTE BIOLOGY IN DISEASE | Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology | SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG | Published : 2019


Pericytes have long been known to contribute indirectly to tumour growth by regulating angiogenesis. Thus, remodelling tumour blood vessels to maintain blood supply is critical for continued tumour growth. A role for pericytes in restricting leakage of tumour cells through blood vessels has also become evident given that adequate pericyte coverage of these blood vessels is critical for maintaining vascular permeability. Interestingly, the relocation of pericytes from blood vessels to the tumour microenvironment results in the emergence of different properties in these cells that actively promote tumour growth and metastasis-functions not associated with their well-studied role in vascular st..

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