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Variation in the time to treatment for stage III and IV non-small cell lung cancer patients for hospitals in the Netherlands

M van de Ven, VP Retel, H Koffijberg, WH van Harten, MJ IJzerman

Lung Cancer | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVES: Increased emphasis on molecular diagnostics can lead to increased variation in time to treatment (TTT) for patients with stage III and IV non-small cell lung cancer. This article presents the variation in TTT for advanced NSCLC patients observed in Dutch hospitals before the widespread use of immunotherapy. The aim of this article was to explore the variation in TTT between patients, as well as between hospitals. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Based on the Netherlands Cancer Registry, we used patient-level data (n = 4096) from all 78 hospitals that diagnosed stage III or IV NSCLC in the Netherlands in 2016. To investigate how patient characteristics and hospital-level effects are associat..

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