Book Chapter

Premiers and Cabinets

Paul Fawcett

From Carr to Keneally Labor in Office in Nsw 1995-2011 | Allen & Unwin | Published : 2012


The definitive account of the Labor era in NSW, From Carr to Keneally explains how the Labor government came to be so reviled by the public, yet retained power for so many years. At the NSW state election in 2011, the public turned on the 16-year-old Labor administration with unprecedented fury. The Government that had won spectacular victories in 1999 and 2003 was defeated with a swing that was an Australian postwar record. How did it manage to stay in power for four terms? What were its achievements and why did things unravel so badly? In From Carr to Keneally respected experts analyse the four terms of Labor government in NSW: the premiers and their ministers, the political parties and ..

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