Journal article

Treatments and rehabilitation in the acute and chronic state of traumatic brain injury.

N Marklund, B-M Bellander, AK Godbolt, H Levin, P McCrory, EP Thelin

J Intern Med | Published : 2019


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of acquired disability globally, and effective treatment methods are scarce. Lately, there has been increasing recognition of the devastating impact of TBI resulting from sports and other recreational activities, ranging from primarily sport-related concussions (SRC) but also more severe brain injuries requiring hospitalization. There are currently no established treatments for the underlying pathophysiology in TBI and while neuro-rehabilitation efforts are promising, there are currently is a lack of consensus regarding rehabilitation following TBI of any severity. In this narrative review, we highlight short- and long-term consequences of SRCs, ..

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