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ISUOG Practice Guidelines: ultrasound assessment of fetal biometry and growth.

LJ Salomon, Z Alfirevic, F Da Silva Costa, RL Deter, F Figueras, T Ghi, P Glanc, A Khalil, W Lee, R Napolitano, A Papageorghiou, A Sotiriadis, J Stirnemann, A Toi, G Yeo

Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol | Published : 2019


INTRODUCTION These Guidelines aim to describe appropriate assessment of fetal biometry and diagnosis of fetal growth disorders. These disorders consist mainly of fetal growth restriction (FGR), also referred to as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and often associated with small‐for‐gestational age (SGA), and large‐for‐gestational age (LGA), which may lead to fetal macrosomia; both have been associated with a variety of adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes. Screening for, and adequate management of, fetal growth abnormalities are essential components of antenatal care, and fetal ultrasound plays a key role in assessment of these conditions. The fetal biometric parameters measured m..

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