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White matter hyperintensities are related to pain intensity in an outpatient memory clinic population: preliminary findings

Tarik T Binnekade, Roberto SGM Perez, Andrea B Maier, Hanneke FM Rhodius-Meester, Nienke Legdeur, Marijke C Trappenburg, Didi Rhebergen, Frank Lobbezoo, Erik JA Scherder



Background: The association between pain and dementia is complicated and may depend on underlying brain pathology. It was hypothesized that both medial temporal atrophy (MTA) and global cortical atrophy (GCA) predicted no/mild pain, while white matter hyperintensities (WMH) predicted moderate/severe pain. Objectives: To study the association between pain intensity and measures of brain pathology, more specifically MTA, GCA, and WMH. Methods: In total, 115 consecutive patients visiting an outpatient memory clinic were included. In total, diagnoses included dementia (N=70), mild cognitive impairment (N=30), and subjective cognitive impairment (N=15). Without administering stimuli, pain intensi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the staff of the Centrum voor Ouderengeneeskunde Amsterdam (COGA) and Behandeladvies Centrum Ouderengeneeskunde (BACO) (VU University Medical Center Amsterdam/Amstelland Hospital) for their contribution in collecting the data. We mourn the loss of Professor Doctor Roberto SGM Perez and acknowledge his important contribution to our study of pain in dementia and the conception of the current manuscript. The primary author, Tarik T Binnekade, is funded by Amstelring (RVB U-9107-2013/HM/wb), Alzheimer Nederland (WE.09-2012-02), Fonds Nuts Ohra (1130-046), Roomsch Catholijk Oude Armen Kantoor (RCOAK) (2010.351), Stichting Beroepsopleiding Huisartsen (SBOH), Stichting Henriette Hofje (2010.351H), and the Arnold Oosterbaan Brain Foundation. The findings reported in this article are those of the authors and should not be attributed to any of the funding parties.