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Big Data Approaches to Phenotyping Acute Ischemic Stroke Using Automated Lesion Segmentation of Multi-Center Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data

Ona Wu, Stefan Winzeck, Anne-Katrin Giese, Brandon L Hancock, Mark R Etherton, Mark JRJ Bouts, Kathleen Donahue, Markus D Schirmer, Robert E Irie, Steven JT Mocking, Elissa C McIntosh, Raquel Bezerra, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Petrea Frid, Johan Wasselius, John W Cole, Huichun Xu, Lukas Holmegaard, Jordi Jimenez-Conde, Robin Lemmens Show all

Stroke | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2019


Background and Purpose- We evaluated deep learning algorithms' segmentation of acute ischemic lesions on heterogeneous multi-center clinical diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data sets and explored the potential role of this tool for phenotyping acute ischemic stroke. Methods- Ischemic stroke data sets from the MRI-GENIE (MRI-Genetics Interface Exploration) repository consisting of 12 international genetic research centers were retrospectively analyzed using an automated deep learning segmentation algorithm consisting of an ensemble of 3-dimensional convolutional neural networks. Three ensembles were trained using data from the following: (1) 267 patients from an independen..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by National Institutes of Health: R01NS030678 (Drs Vagal and Woo), R01NS039987 (Dr Worrall), R01NS042733 (Drs Worrall and Meschia), R01NS059775 (Dr Wu), R01NS063925 (Dr Wu), R01NS082285 (Drs Rost and Wu), R01NS086905 (Drs Rost, Wu, and Kittner), R01NS100178 (Dr Mitchell), R01NS100417 (Dr Vagal), R01NS103824-01 (Dr Vagal), R01NS29993 (Drs Sacco and Rundek), P50NS051343 (Dr Wu), U01NS069208 (Drs Worrall, Rosand, Wu, and Cole), U10NS077311 (Dr Vagal), K23NS064052 (Dr Rost), EB015325 (Dr Wu), 1S10RR019307 (Dr Wu). The Swedish state under the agreement between the Swedish government and the county councils, the Avtal om Lakarutbildning och Forskning (ALF) agreement: (Drs Lindgren, Jern, and Wasselius); Swedish Stroke Association: (Drs Lindgren, Jern, and Wasselius); Swedish Heart and Lung Foundation: (Drs Lindgren and Jern); Lund University: (Dr Lindgren); Region Skane: (Dr Lindgren); Skane University Hospital: (Dr Lindgren); Freemasons Lodge of Instruction Eos in Lund: (Dr Lindgren); Foundation of Fars & Frosta: (Dr Lindgren); and Swedish Research Council: (Dr Jern). Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (PI051737, PI10/02064, PI12/01238, PI15/00451); European Regional Development Fund (EDRF) Red de Investigacion Cardiovascular (RD12/0042/0020); Fundacio la Marato TV3 (76/C/2011); Recercaixa'13 (JJ086116): (Dr Jimenez-Conde); European Research Council: Horizon 2020 MSC Global Fellowship No. 753896 (Dr Schirmer); Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek: 1841918 N (Dr Lemmens); Crafoord Foundation: (Dr Wasselius); Henry Smith Charity, Qatar National Research Fund, Stroke Association (United Kingdom), Dept of Health (United Kingdom), British Council, United Kingdom-India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI): Bio-Repository of DNA in Stroke (BRAINS); American Heart Association: Clinical Research Training Fellowship (Dr Etherton); Cardiovascular Genome-Phenome Study (No. 15GPSPG23770000, Dr Cole); Discovery Grant supported by the Bayer Group (No. 17IBDG33700328, Dr Cole), Uncovering new patterns in cardiovascular disease and stroke (No. 18UNPG34030160, Dr Wu); President's PhD Scholarship of Imperial College London: (K. Kamnitsas); and Department of Veterans Affairs (United States): Baltimore Research Enhancement Program (Dr Cole).