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Personalized Online Adaptation of Kinematic Synergies for Human-Prosthesis Interfaces.

Ricardo Garcia-Rosas, Ying Tan, Denny Oetomo, Chris Manzie, Peter Choong

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | Published : 2021


Synergies have been adopted in prosthetic limb applications to reduce the complexity of design, but typically involve a single synergy setting for a population and ignore individual preference or adaptation capacity. However, personalization of the synergy setting is necessary for the effective operation of the prosthetic device. Two major challenges hinder the personalization of synergies in human-prosthesis interfaces (HPIs). The first is related to the process of human motor adaptation and the second to the variation in motor learning dynamics of individuals. In this paper, a systematic personalization of kinematic synergies for HPIs using online measurements from each individual is propo..

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