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Soy Protein Is an Efficacious Alternative to Whey Protein in Fortified Blended Foods in Rats (P10-061-19).

Erin Ward, Hafiz Suleria, Michael Joseph, Sajid Alavi, Brian Lindshield

Current Developments in Nutrition | Published : 2019


Objectives: Previously we found that extruded sorghum-soy blend (SSB) and corn-soy blend (CSB) fortified blended foods (FBFs) containing whey protein concentrate (WPC) were equally nutritious foods. WPC provides high-quality protein, however, it is the most expensive component of FBFs. Our primary objective was to determine if soy protein may serve as an alternative to WPC and our secondary objective was to evaluate effects of varying sugar amounts in FBFs. Methods: Extruded SSB and CSB FBFs were developed with increased soy flour to meet protein requirements. Sugar content ranged from 0-15% in SSBs (SSB-0, SSB-5, SSB-10, SSB-15) and 0-10% in CSBs (CSB-0, CSB-5, CSB-10). Previously developed..

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