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Ferric Pyrophosphate in Extruded, Fortified Rice Leads to Better Iron Outcomes Than Ferric Phosphate in Rats (P24-014-19).

Erin Ward, Hafiz Suleria, Michael Joseph, Sajid Alavi, Brian Lindshield

Current Developments in Nutrition | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2019


Objectives: Rice fortification is a promising approach to reduce micronutrient deficiencies. Ferric phosphate (FePO4) and ferric pyrophosphate (FePP) have been suggested iron forms for their suitable organoleptic properties. Micronized FePP or the addition of citric acid (CA) and trisodium citrate (TSC) to FePP have been suggested to increase FePP bioavailability. Our primary objective was to compare iron bioavailability of extruded rice with these four iron fortificants. Methods: Rice flour was fortified with a USDA MR24 vitamin/mineral blend and one of four iron fortificants: FePO4, FePP, micronized FePP, or FePP with CA and TSC (FePP + CA + TSC, ratio 1:0.1:2.1). Each extruded rice was bl..

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