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Postsovetskoe superpresidentstvo [Post-Soviet Super-Presidentialism]

William Partlett

Sravnitel noe konstitucionnoe obozrenie | Institut Prava i Publichnoi Politiki [Institute for Law and Public Policy] | Published : 2018


This article will examine an undertheorized, fourth type of formal constitutional design: Super-presidentialism. Super-presidentialism is analytically distinct from both presidential and semi-presidential systems for two reasons. First, these constitutions are not semi-presidential because they give the president final control over the formation and dismissal of the executive-branch government. Second, these constitutions are not presidential because they give the president significant power to supervise and control (through dissolution and appointment) the legislative branch. Logically, therefore, these constitutions are a new type, one that has been justified in the post-Soviet region by..

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