Journal article

Effects of meals on objective and subjective measures of daytime sleepiness

AS Wells, NW Read, C Idzikowski, J Jones

Journal of Applied Physiology | AMER PHYSIOLOGICAL SOC | Published : 1998


Effects of recent food ingestion on daytime sleepiness were assessed in 16 subjects (8 men and 8 women) who were each studied on two occasions, 28 days apart. On each occasion, subjects ate a high-fat low-carbohydrate (CHO) (fat/CHO energy ratio 54:41) meal and an isoenergetic low-fat high-CHO meal (fat/CHO energy ratio 7:88) 4 h apart in a counterbalanced order. Sleepiness was measured at 2-hr intervals by using the Multiple Sleep Latency Test and the Akerstedt electroencephalograph sleepiness test. To control for circadian factors, one group (4 men, 4 women) ate the meals 2 h later than did the other group of subjects. There were no differences in sleepiness according to the composition of..

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