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Effects of a specific CCK-A antagonist, Loxiglumide, on postprandial mood and sleepiness

AS Wells, NW Read, M Fried, J Borovicka, M DAmato

Journal of Psychopharmacology | SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD | Published : 1997


Previous studies have demonstrated that feelings of sleepiness increase after ingestion of a fat-rich meal. The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis that postprandial sleepiness is mediated by cholecystokinin (CCK) acting on CCK-A receptors. A double-blind crossover study was conducted. Twelve male volunteers ate a high-fat morning meal [54% energy fat, 41% energy carbohydrate (CHO)]. On one day they received an i.v. infusion of Loxiglumide, a CCK-A receptor antagonist (30 mg/kg/h for 10 min then 10 mg/kg/h for 3 h 10 min). On another day the protocol was repeated except a saline placebo infusion was given at similar rates as the Loxiglumide, starting 20 min before the meal. Subjects'..

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