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Head Above the Parapet: How Minority Subordinates Influence Group Outcomes and the Consequences They Face for Doing So

Burak Oc, Michael R Bashshur, Celia Moore

Journal of Applied Psychology | American Psychological Association | Published : 2019


Research on power often treats the recipients of powerholders' decisions (i.e., subordinates) as an undifferentiated group, overlooking how their responses to powerholders' decisions might vary and how those responses might affect powerholders' later decisions. In this article, we examine the role of lone dissenting subordinates (individuals whose feedback differs from that expressed by other group members) in shaping powerholders' allocation decisions, and explore the consequences those subordinates face for their dissent. In 3 experimental studies, we show that even as a lone voice, the feedback of a dissenting subordinate influences powerholders' decisions. Powerholders make more self-int..

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