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Epidemiological consequences of enduring strain-specific immunity requiring repeated episodes of infection

Rebecca Chisholm, Nikki Sonenberg, Jake Lacey, Malcolm McDonald, Manisha Pandey, Mark Davies, Steven Tong, Jodie McVernon, Nicholas Geard

Published : 2019


Group A Streptococcus (GAS) skin infections are caused by a diverse array of strain types and are highly prevalent in Indigenous and other disadvantaged populations. The role of strain-specific immunity in preventing GAS infections is poorly understood, representing a critical knowledge gap in vaccine development. A recent GAS murine challenge study showed evidence that sterilising strain-specific and enduring immunity required two skin infections by the same GAS strain within three weeks. This mechanism of developing enduring immunity may be a significant impediment to the accumulation of immunity in populations. We used a mathematical model of GAS transmission to investigate the epidemiolo..

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