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The use of formal criteria to assess psychological models of hallucinations: a systematic review

Tara Hickey, Kimberly Buck, So-An Lao, Barnaby Nelso, Graham Meadows

Psychosis | Taylor & Francis (Routledge) | Published : 2019


Objectives: Our aim was to explore the application of systematic criteria proposed by Bentall, Corcoran, Howard, Black and Kinderman (2001) to determine whether they are helpful in determining the quality of psychological models, which are used to develop and guide treatment. Method: We chose to conduct a systematic review of models of hallucinations. PsycINFO, MEDLINE and PubMED were used to identify relevant articles. Each model was classified as a high, medium or low level of fit with the criteria. Results: Nineteen models met the inclusion criteria. Two models were a high level of fit, twelve a medium level of fit while the rest were a low level of fit. Some difficulties were encount..

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