Journal article

Predominantly nocturnal seizures post temporal lobectomy: Characteristics of an unusual outcome group

Shanika R Samarasekera, Alex W Wynd, Anne M McIntosh, Samuel F Berkovic

Epilepsy Research | ELSEVIER | Published : 2019


PURPOSE: To describe the characteristics of a patient group who, after temporal lobectomy for predominantly diurnal seizures, experience a postoperative conversion from diurnal to predominantly nocturnal seizures, and compare this group to those who continue to have a diurnal seizure pattern postoperatively. METHODS: From a cohort of 470 surgical cases with long-term follow-up, we retrospectively identified 16 patients with a predominantly nocturnal seizure pattern, including five with nocturnal seizures only (median follow-up 21 years) and compared them with 20 predominantly diurnal seizure patients. RESULTS: Sustained postoperative improvement in seizure frequency was observed in 14/16 cas..

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