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A transcriptional and functional analysis of heat hardening in two invasive fruit fly species, Bactrocera dorsalis and Bactrocera correcta

Xinyue Gu, Yan Zhao, Yun Su, Jiajiao Wu, Ziya Wang, Juntao Hu, Lijun Liu, Zihua Zhao, Ary A Hoffmann, Bing Chen, Zhihong Li



Many insects have the capacity to increase their resistance to high temperatures by undergoing heat hardening at nonlethal temperatures. Although this response is well established, its molecular underpinnings have only been investigated in a few species where it seems to relate at least partly to the expression of heat shock protein (Hsp) genes. Here, we studied the mechanism of hardening and associated transcription responses in larvae of two invasive fruit fly species in China, Bactrocera dorsalis and Bactrocera correcta. Both species showed hardening which increased resistance to 45°C, although the more widespread B. dorsalis hardened better at higher temperatures compared to B. correcta ..

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