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Collapse and Swell of Lime Stabilized Expansive Clays in Void Ratio-Moisture Ratio-Net Stress Space

Asmaa Al-Taie, Mahdi Disfani, Robert Evans, Arul Arulrajah

International Journal of Geomechanics | American Society of Civil Engineers | Published : 2019


The swell-collapse mechanism of residual basaltic clay in both untreated and stabilized with lime conditions was investigated. For treated specimens, the optimum lime content (OLC) was found based on swell potential reduction. Swelling and collapse potential were investigated using the virgin compaction surface, which is the backbone of the Monash-Peradeniya-Kodikara (MPK) framework. The suitability of the MPK was examined by applying different state paths. The swelling and collapse potentials were tested under a wide range of moisture contents and stress levels, with attention given to the effect of stress history and operational stress. Test results indicated that for the untreated and lim..

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