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Culture of Marsupial Oocytes and Conceptuses

Lynne Selwood, JR Herrick (ed.)



Marsupial oocytes and conceptuses provide special challenges to scientists wanting to develop reliable in vitro techniques. Yet these techniques are essential to the study of development. Such techniques also provide tools to help prevent further decline in marsupial biodiversity using assisted reproductive technology. Specific marsupial characters have made development of in vitro techniques difficult. Some of these are the high-energy requirements of cleavage and blastocyst formation and maintenance because of cell-zona adhesion; the essential nature of the shell coat for most of development; the prevalence of embryonic arrests in vivo and in vitro during cleavage and unilaminar blastocyst..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

I am indebted to the Australian Research Council and the New Zealand Department of Agriculture and Foundation for Research Science and Technology for support over many years and to Unimutual, Australia in more recent years. Many postgraduate students, colleagues, and support staff contributed to development of these culture and induced ovulation systems including Angela Nation, Danielle Hickford, Aida Yousef, Ellen Menkhorst, Nicole Ezard, Yolanda Cruz, Isabel Douglas Lisa Mansini, and Kamani Nanayakkara, and I thank them all for their dedication to improving culture systems for marsupial conceptuses.