Journal article

Retrieval practice benefits memory precision

Brendan A Schuetze, Luke G Eglington, Sean HK Kang

Memory | Routledge - Taylor & Francis | Published : 2019


Although previous research on retrieval practice (RP) has predominantly featured stimuli with discrete right-or-wrong answers, continuous measures offer potentially greater sensitivity in assessing the effects of RP on memory precision. The present study used a colour gradient (125 points ranging from magenta to yellow) as a continuous response variable. The colours of different images were learned through either RP or restudy and either one or three cycles of practice after initial study. On a delayed final test, participants’ memory was assessed for each item’s colour. Participants also created per-item intervals representing the region where they believed the correct colour most likely to..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The research was conducted as part of the first author's Senior Thesis in the Dartmouth College Cognitive Science Program and was supported by a Kaminsky Undergraduate Research Award. The results were presented in a poster at the International Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in May 2018. We acknowledge Amanda Chen, Autumn Diggs, Danielle Fang, and Nandita Kasireddy for their help with data collection. We also thank Deanne Harper for comments on an early draft of this manuscript. The data from this study are openly accessible on figshare at