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Urbanization and electric power crisis in Ghana: Trends, policies, and socio-economic implications

PB Cobbinah, EA Adams

Urbanization and Its Impact on Socio-Economic Growth in Developing Regions | IGI Global | Published : 2017


Traditionally, urbanization is hailed as an important force for socio-economic development of countries. In fact, recent research on Africa suggests that urbanization has the potential to stimulate socio-economic development. Yet, many African countries experiencing rapid urban growth continue to bear a disproportionate amount of the costs associated with urbanization (e.g., increased urban poverty, and energy crisis among others). This is in sharp contradiction to the popular notion that urbanization is a stimulus for socio-economic development. Using Ghana as a case study, this chapter discusses the extent to which rapid urbanization influences power supply and the implications on socio-ec..

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