Book Chapter

Technologies for Vision Impairment: Bionic Eye and Sensory Substitution Devices

Lauren N Ayton, Penelope Allen, Carla Abbott, Matthew Petoe

Routledge Handbook of Vision Impairment | Routledge | Published : 2019


This chapter details current advances in the development of electronic, photovoltaic and sensory substitution devices for people with visual impairment. Vision prostheses, or “bionic eyes”, have seen a rapid trajectory in the past decade, and there are now several bionic eye devices available on the commercial market. This chapter will discuss the various types of bionic eyes available, the current technologies used, the expected vision outcomes and the future potentials of these devices. While bionic eyes are an exciting prospect, there are many individuals who will not be suitable for, or may not wish to have, an electronic implant for vision improvement. Sensory substitution devices off..

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