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Impact of insertion sequences on convergent evolution ofShigellaspecies

Jane Hawkey, Jonathan Monk, Helen Billman-Jacobe, Bernhard Palsson, Kathryn Holt

Published : 2019


Shigella species are specialised lineages of Escherichia coli that have converged to become human-adapted and cause dysentery by invading human gut epithelial cells. Most studies of Shigella evolution have been restricted to comparisons of single representatives of each species; and population genomic studies of individual Shigella species have focused on genomic variation caused by single nucleotide variants and ignored the contribution of insertion sequences (IS) which are highly prevalent in Shigella genomes. Here, we investigate the distribution and evolutionary dynamics of IS within populations of Shigella dysenteriae Sd1, Shigella sonnei and Shigella flexneri . We find that five IS (IS..

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