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The role of mating context and fecundability in women's preferences for men's facial masculinity and beardedness

Barnaby JW Dixson, Khandis R Blake, Thomas F Denson, Amany Gooda-Vossos, Siobhan M O'Dean, Danielle Sulikowski, Markus J Rantala, Robert C Brooks

Psychoneuroendocrinology | Elsevier | Published : 2018


The ovulatory shift hypothesis proposes that women’s preferences for masculine physical and behavioral traits are greater at the peri-ovulatory period than at other points of the menstrual cycle. However, many previous studies used self-reported menstrual cycle data to estimate fecundability rather than confirming the peri-ovulatory phase hormonally. Here we report two studies and three analyses revisiting the ovulatory shift hypothesis with respect to both facial masculinity and beardedness. In Study 1, a large sample of female participants (N = 2,161) self-reported their cycle phase and provided ratings for faces varying in beardedness (clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, full bear..

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