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Tryptic peptide reference data sets for MALDI imaging mass spectrometry on formalin-fixed ovarian cancer tissues.

Stephan Meding, Karina Martin, Ove JR Gustafsson, James S Eddes, Sandra Hack, Martin K Oehler, Peter Hoffmann

J Proteome Res | Published : 2013


MALDI imaging mass spectrometry is a powerful tool for morphology-based proteomic tissue analysis. However, peptide identification is still a major challenge due to low S/N ratios, low mass accuracy and difficulties in correlating observed m/z species with peptide identities. To address this, we have analyzed tryptic digests of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue microarray cores, from 31 ovarian cancer patients, by LC-MS/MS. The sample preparation closely resembled the MALDI imaging workflow in order to create representative reference data sets containing peptides also observable in MALDI imaging experiments. This resulted in 3844 distinct peptide sequences, at a false discovery rate of..

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