Journal article

High Mate Value Men Become More Accepting of Intimate Partner Abuse When Primed With Gender Equality

KR Blake, RC Brooks

Frontiers in Sociology | Frontiers Media | Published : 2018


Although attempts to rectify intimate partner violence (IPV) predominantly target gender inequality as its socio-structural source, evolutionary insights cast doubt on the notion that gender equality unambiguously lessens IPV. Here we test whether the effect of gender equality on male-to-female IPV will depend upon men's relative position in the sexual marketplace (i.e., their mate value). We primed 350 subjects (218 men) with one of three different prime types (high or low gender equality, or neutral control) each replicated five ways (total 15 primes). We measured support for coercive IPV and attitudes to abortion (to see if gender equality cues men's urges to control female reproduction)...

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