Journal article

A new method for valuing health: directly eliciting personal utility functions.

Nancy J Devlin, Koonal K Shah, Brendan J Mulhern, Krystallia Pantiri, Ben van Hout

Eur J Health Econ | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: Standard methods for eliciting the preference data upon which 'value sets' are based generally have in common an aim to 'uncover' people's preferences by asking them to evaluate a subset of health states, then using their responses to infer their preferences over all dimensions and levels. An alternative approach is to ask people directly about the relative importance to them of the dimensions, levels and interactions between them. This paper describes a new stated preference approach for directly eliciting personal utility functions (PUFs), and reports a pilot study to test its feasibility for valuing the EQ-5D. METHODS: A questionnaire was developed, designed to directly elicit..

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