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A comparison of the anatomical and gastrointestinal functional development between gilt and sow progeny around birth and weaning

Jessica R Craig, Frank Rowland Dunshea, Jeremy James Cottrell, John B Furness, Udani A Wijesiriwardana, John Pluske

Journal of Animal Science | American Society of Animal Science | Published : 2019


Gilt progeny (GP) often have restricted growth performance and health status in comparison to sow progeny (SP) from birth, with the underlying mechanisms responsible for this yet to be fully understood. The present study aimed to compare differences in growth and development between GP and SP in the first 24 h after birth and in the periweaning period. Two cohorts of pigs including 36 GP and 37 SP were euthanized at 1 of 4 time points: a birth cohort (at birth before suckling, 0 h; and 24 h after birth, 24 h; n = 33) and a weaning cohort (at approximately 29 d of age; “pre-weaning,” PrW; and 24 h after weaning; “post-weaning,” PoW; n = 40). Pigs were individually weighed at 0 h, 24 h, PrW, a..

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Awarded by Australian Pork Limited (APL; Canberra, Australia)

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge the research teams from Rivalea (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (Corowa, Australia), the University of Melbourne (Parkville, Australia), and Murdoch University (Murdoch, Australia) for their assistance, particularly K. O'Halloran, L. Fothergill, M. Ringuet, and Dr. D. Turpin. Funding was supplied by Australian Pork Limited (APL; Canberra, Australia; project number 2014/461), and J.R.C. was supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award (PhD) from Murdoch University.