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Bovine digital dermatitis in Victoria, Australia.

J Hesseling, AR Legione, MA Stevenson, CI McCowan, MF Pyman, C Finochio, D Nguyen, CL Roic, OL Thiris, AJ Zhang, G van Schaik, JE Coombe

Australian Veterinary Journal | Wiley | Published : 2019


AIMS: The objectives of this study were to estimate the prevalence of digital dermatitis (DD) in Victoria, Australia, and to investigate which organisms are consistent with typical DD lesions. The prevalence and causative pathogens of DD are not clear yet in Australia and this paper is one of the first to explore these questions in this country. METHODS: Examination and sampling of limbs was undertaken at three knackeries in Victoria, Australia. Limbs were classified as normal (N), active DD-lesion (A), dried or chronic DD-lesion (D) or suspected case of DD (S). A total of 823 cows were examined. Six skin biopsies were taken at each knackery, from which DNA was extracted for diversity profil..

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