Original Creative Work - Textual Work

Somewhere Between Three Rehearsals and the Performance

Mark Nicholls

Prahran Publishing | Published : 2019


Ellen hasn’t done a show since well before she had kids. Why she allowed herself to be roped-in at the last minute to sing, play the cello as well as the lead in Glenn’s one-night stand production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It is a mystery. By the end of the first rehearsal she is floundering, by the end of the second she is in love. Or, at least, she has a crazy thing for Lana, an utterly relaxed and experienced actor with no apparent responsibilities. The problem is, with one rehearsal to go, Ellen can’t really fathom her own heart, or Lana’s. All she can say for certain is, “I'd really just like to get her into a hotel room for a weekend and see what happens!”

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