Book Chapter

A Conversation with Louise Anderson and Ian Irving (Former Native Title Registrars, Federal Court of Australia)

Ann Genovese, Kim Rubenstein

The Court as Archive | ANU E Press | Published : 2019


On 27 February 2017, Kim Rubenstein and Ann Genovese interviewed Louise Anderson and Ian Irving for the Court as Archive Project. Louise and Ian are former Registrars of the Federal Court of Australia. Louise was the first Native Title Registrar appointed in 1998 and Ian was appointed a Registrar in 2003 and became the second Native Title Registrar in 2005. At the time of the interview, both worked at the Victorian Supreme Court, Louise as the Chief Executive Officer and Ian as a Judicial Registrar. In 2019, Louise Anderson returned to the Federal Court in the role of National Director, Court and Tribunal Services.

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