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Visualization and New Opportunities

J Pouliot, C Ellul, F Hubert, C Wang, A Rajabifard, M Kalantari, D Shojaei, B Atazadeh, PJMV Oosterom, M De Vries

Best Practice 3D Cadastres | International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) | Published : 2018


This paper reviews the opportunities offered by 3D visualization to improve the understanding and the analysis of cadastre data. It first introduces the rationale of having 3D visualization functionalities in the context of cadastre applications. Second, the publication outlines some basic concepts in 3D visualization. This section specially adopts the visualization pipeline as a driven classification schema to understand the steps leading to 3D visualization. It also includes a brief review of current 3D standards and technologies. A summary of recent progress in 3D cadastral visualization is then proposed, with use requirements, data and semiotics, and platforms are highlighted as main act..

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