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Impact of suffusion on the cyclic and post-cyclic behaviour of an internally unstable soil

A Mehdizadeh, MM Disfani, R Evans, A Arulrajah

Géotechnique Letters | Thomas Telford Ltd. | Published : 2019


Suffusion is defined as the migration of fine particles caused by seepage flow through pre-existing pores of a soil structure made of coarse particles. This particle transportation changes the fine particle content and its distribution, possibly impacting the mechanical behaviour of eroded soil. Although limited research has been conducted on the post-erosion mechanical consequences under monotonic shearing, little attention has been paid to the impact of suffusion on the cyclic resistance and liquefaction potential of internally unstable soils. This paper investigates the cyclic and post-cyclic behaviour of a gap-graded cohesionless soil using combined triaxial-erosion apparatus. An interna..

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