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Understanding rural caregivers' experiences of cancer care when accessing metropolitan cancer services: a qualitative study

Anna Ugalde, Sarah Blaschke, Anna Boltong, Penelope Schofield, Sanchia Aranda, Jo Phipps-Nelson, Suzanne K Chambers, Meinir Krishnasamy, Patricia M Livingston

BMJ Open | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVE: To explore the experiences of cancer caregivers who live in rural Australia and travel to a metropolitan cancer health service to access cancer treatment. DESIGN: A qualitative study using semistructured, audio-recorded interviews conducted between December 2017 and July 2018 with caregivers and social workers. Thematic analysis using interpretative descriptive techniques performed on textual interview data within a critical realist paradigm to develop understanding of rural caregivers' lived experiences. SETTING: Participants were from rural areas attending a metropolitan cancer centre in Australia and social workers. PARTICIPANTS: 21 caregivers (16 female) of people with cancer ..

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