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Clinical Utility of Real-Time Targeted Molecular Profiling in the Clinical Management of Ovarian Cancer: The ALLOCATE Study

Olga Kondrashova, Gwo-Yaw Ho, George Au-Yeung, Leakhena Leas, Tiffany Boughtwood, Kathryn Alsop, Giada Zapparoli, Alexander Dobrovic, Yi-An Ko, Arthur L Hsu, Clare J Love, Sebastian Lunke, Matthew J Wakefield, Orla McNally, Michael Quinn, Sumitra Ananda, Deborah Neesham, Anne Hamilton, Marisa Grossi, Alison Freimund Show all



PURPOSE The ALLOCATE study was designed as a pilot to demonstrate the feasibility and clinical utility of real-time targeted molecular profiling of patients with recurrent or advanced ovarian cancer for identification of potential targeted therapies. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 113 patients with ovarian cancer of varying histologies were recruited from two tertiary hospitals, with 99 patient cases suitable for prospective analysis. Targeted molecular and methylation profiling of fresh biopsy and archived tumor samples were performed by screening for mutations or copy-number variations in 44 genes and for promoter methylation of BRCA1 and RAD51C. RESULTS Somatic genomic or methylation eve..

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Awarded by Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation

Awarded by US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

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Funding Acknowledgements

Supported by grants from the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Victorian Cancer Agency, National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC) Centre for Research Excellence Program, and University of Melbourne (PhD scholarship; O.K.) and by Pilot Grant No. PS_15-048 from the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute received support from the Operational Infrastructure Support Program of the Victorian State Government. The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group (AOCS) is supported by the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (Grant No. DAMD17-01-1-0729), Cancer Council Victoria, Queensland Cancer Fund, Cancer Council New South Wales, Cancer Council South Australia, Cancer Council Tasmania, Cancer Foundation of Western Australia (Multistate Applications No. 191, 211, and 182), NHMRC (Grants No. ID400413 and ID400281), Ovarian Cancer Australia, and Peter MacCallum Foundation.